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Everyday Objects

Flying Futures: Experimenting with Materials

In this video you’ll learn how to experiment with materials for your wind tunnel.

You can use whatever materials you want, but in this video, we’ll be making paper helicopters and other fun things out of:

  • Balloons
  • Tissue paper
  • Origami paper

If you need help, then get in touch with us at DLL@ioi.london!


Need help? Here’s some answers to our commonly asked questions

What else can I use to test out my hairdryer?

Anything light and airy! Tissues, shoelaces, paper bags! Have fun and experiment.

How can I explore aerodynamics even more?

Take part in our aerodynamic challenges! Can you make something that spins up high? Or create something which hovers for 10 seconds. Or even design the biggest floating creation? 

Continue playing with paper


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