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Nostalgia Installation and Workshop Programme

The Nostalgia Programme, which was commissioned by the Royal Docks Culture Team and supported by the Lerak Foundation, brought the immersive interactive sound installation from the London Design Biennale to the Royal Docks. Designed by María Adela Díaz, Nostalgia features 60 giant undulating rain sticks, which were activated by visitors to create sounds of water and movement. Positioned adjacent to Crystal Gardens, the sculpture and adjoining programme invited children and families to engage with the installation, reflect on the sounds and movement of water and experiment through two tinkering and making workshops. The installation took place on 7-8th, 14-15th, 21-22nd of August.

Workshop Programme

Tinkering with rainsticks:

Using upcycled materials, this creative workshop invited audiences to make and experiment at different scales, to extend and customise the sounds of the Nostalgia installation by creating individual take-home rain sticks.

Making a sound orchestra:

This interactive workshop invited children and their families to tinker and create their own sound orchestra using everyday materials.

Feedback from parents and teachers:

“Teaching kids imagination, making them ask more questions and exploring world around. The coding was amazing experience for younger kids and made them feel excited. Amazing workshop, all staff were incredibly patient with kids and parents and having great interactions with us. London needs more workshops like that.”

“It is amazing and really good initiative for children. They really liked it a lot.”

“My kids had lots of fun building and creating!”


If you'd like to play your part in helping children re-imagine the world, Katherine Osbourne Head of Development, would love to hear from you.

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